• Experiencia

    Al menos 4 años de experiencia.

  • Salario:

    34.000€ a 35.000€ Bruto/año

  • Área – Posición:

    administrativo y secretariado

    • Administrativo
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  • Contrato:

    Contrato indefinido

  • dia de trabajo

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descripción de la oferta

Duración de la oferta: hasta el 15.01.2024.


The Shipment Assistant is responsible for coordinating and facilitating importation and exportation of household and personal effects (HHE), privately owned vehicles (POV), unaccompanied baggage (UAB), and U.S. Government equipment and supplies for the Department of State and other agencies.  The position is in the General Services Office (GSO) under the supervision of the Shipment Supervisor.


EXPERIENCE: Minimum four years of experience in the field of international customs, shipping, logistics, or transportation is required.

JOB KNOWLEDGE: Detailed knowledge of government diplomatic import/export policies, including tax policies. Detailed knowledge of local motor vehicle policies with respect to registration, transfer, licensing, and taxes.

LANGUAGE: Fluent level of English (speaking/reading/writing). Fluent level of Spanish (speaking/reading/writing). This may be tested.

SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Ability to draft formal communications in both English and Spanish is required.  Must be comfortable and able to deal with high-level US and local government contacts. Must have a valid, current license for class B.

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